Medicine Wheel

For most of us, color is a language through which we describe the world. When we first learned to speak, colors were often one of the first things imparted to us by our elders. But beyond the basic color wheel is the Sacred Wheel or Medicine Wheel which many wisdom traditions still use in ceremony and life even today. 

In this 2.5 hour workshop we will learn about the Medicine Wheel and its significance with the four directions, the four elements, the four hearts of humanity, and the four totems. After each download, we will stop to meditate and connect to the energy of each direction, plugging ourselves into resonance with the essence it represents. After we meditate, we'll have a meditative coloring session with hand drawn mandalas for the four elements. 

Please bring coloring utensils. Everyone can keep their mandalas! 

exchange: $50

date: TBD

location: TBD


The Reiki Crystal

The Reiki Crystal is a higher level Reiki Technique that emerged through the deep study and experimentation of my Reiki Master, Brett Bevell.  Since receiving my training and attunement to the Reiki Crystal several years ago, I have consistently utilized it in all aspects of my daily life. 

In addition to the Reiki Crystal being extremely intuitive to use for those who wish to have access to energy healing without getting wrapped up in the intricacies of lineages and practices, it is a wonderful benefit in the toolbox of any energetic practitioner, healer, social worker, parent, health professional, or yoga teacher. 

The Reiki Crystal is instrumental to my own personal offerings as Soul Architect. Often time hands on and shamanic treatments are interlaced with subtle energy healing that runs through the crystal through the duration of a session, meditation, or workshop. 

In this 2.5 hour training and attunement you will:

- Learn about the Reiki Crystal

- Receive the Reiki Crystal Attunement

- Practice using the Reiki Crystal on yourself

- Practice Using the Reiki Crystal on Others

- Learn different uses of the Reiki Crystal


“New Reiki Software for Divine Living examines Reiki, the world's most popular form of energy healing as a type of spiritual technology which can be upgraded to impact every area of our lives. This book interprets Reiki as an energetic embodiment of Divine grace, something designed to not only heal but also uplift, inspire and bring us into alignment with our Divine purpose. Offering an entirely new upgrade to Reiki technology called Mikao Usui s Reiki Crystal of Awakening, the book shows us ways that Reiki can be simplified so anyone can use it, without the complex symbols or long sequences of hand positions that are part of traditional Reiki training.”