S K Y  T E A C H I N G S



Sky Teachings is my brainchild. Or more accurately speaking, my heart and mind child. After hosting and participating in different destination retreats around the world, I went into deep meditation on how to create one of a kind, life enhancing experiences. After all, that is what my Soul Architecture work is… a marriage of modalities and teachings from the sacred wisdom traditions the world over.

I found the answer in the meditation. When we meditate we connect to universal consciousness. We transcend time and space. We travel akasha to access the most hidden parts of ourselves and connect to the great mysteries of the universe. Every wisdom tradition reflects this principle. Be it through meditation or prayer, mindfulness or fasting, the concept of stillness and observation as a medium to access healing, integration, and unearth the deep teachings of existence, transcends. When we meditate we are no longer bound to this body, we are free to roam the vast expanse of the field, we fly.

Hence the name, Sky Teachings. If we look at the stars long enough with silence in our hearts, we will hear their music and be forever changed. The concept of mass awakening which inspires so many social, spiritual, and philosophical movements points to this, once we have awoken, we don’t go back to sleep. But revelation takes time, maybe longer for some than others and then too, it depends what you’re resonating with as your lifting from your slumber.

I have been so fortunate to spend my life learning with many great teachers. Some more extensively than others, some I only met for a day but their spirit touched my soul in such a way that left me forever different and more whole. When I was dreaming up Sky Teachings, I wanted to imbue the good fortune I have had in learning into ongoing experiences I can curate for an awakening world.

Based on the mathematics of Soul Architecture, these 5-10 Day long retreats explore every part of your being. From what you put into your body, to your physical practice, the way you create, emote, express, intuit, and feel connected to spirit.

Each chapter of Sky Teachings will be held in a different sacred location across the globe.

Here’s the daily math:

Unwind in an uncommonly beautiful place to lay your head at night


Daily meals of pure whole foods to heal your body, detoxify your mind, and open your heart


Make moves with practices like Yoga, Tai Chi, Tribal Dance, and Pilates


Open your heart to healing and learn to heal others


Share your story and hear everyone else’s like you’ve never done before


Get your AUM on with daily meditation


Spirit to spirit, sacred learning with leading elders, authors, teachers, healers, and artists


Sky Teachings, a gift from my heart and mind to yours

u p c o m i n g  r e t r e a t s

I L U M I N A | Tulum, Mexico

L U C I D  L I V I N G | Maui, Hawaii



The beauty is that beyond the basic math of Sky Teachings, you will never get the same experience twice. You will travel the world seeing new places, being exposed to different wisdom teachings, diverse movement modalities, and myriad healing techniques and meditation styles. Immersed in sacred traditions and nourishing practices, you’ll spend a week or so outside of time, learning which path delivers you to your most truthful, joyful, and complete awakening.

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