S K Y  T E A C H I N G S

the stars are the humans of the cosmos and humans are the stars of the earth.
— Mayan Proverb


Sky Teachings is the child of my heart, mind and soul. After hosting and participating in different destination retreats around the world, I received a vision to bring Soul Architecture experiences into the retreat space. Offering week long immersions that share modalities and teachings from the sacred wisdom traditions the world over.

The ancient people used to study the sky to understand the earth. The movements of planets and stars resounded like a symphony of understanding that helped them to live in harmony with the direction of life.

Hence the name, Sky Teachings. If we look at the stars long enough with silence in our hearts, we hear their music and are forever changed.

I have been so fortunate to spend my life learning with many great teachers.

From what you put into your body, to your physical practice, the way you create, emote, express, intuit, and feel connected to spirit, Sky Teachings offers you the opportunity to experience life in new, ancient, healing, empowering ways.

Unwind in Nature

a beautiful place to lay your head at night


Pure Whole Foods

heal your body, detoxify your mind, and open your heart


Make Moves

Yoga, Tai Chi, Tribal Dance, and Pilates


Open Your Heart

experience healing and bring healing to others


Noble Silence. Noble Speech.

speak & witness others in full transparency


Get your AUM On

with daily meditation

Built around this basic architecture, we embark on a collective journey of healing, purification, and the magic of rising in love. Staying flexible as the journey unfolds, we hold a container for the spirit to manifest a pure and perfected experience.



The beauty is that beyond the basic math of Sky Teachings, you will never get the same experience twice. You will travel the world seeing new places, being exposed to different wisdom teachings, diverse movement modalities, and myriad healing techniques and meditation styles. Immersed in sacred traditions and nourishing practices, you’ll spend a week or so outside of time, learning which path delivers you to your most truthful, joyful, and complete awakening.

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