the only way to heal is to remember.
— Maestro Manuel Rufino

Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions are one of a kind human empowerment experiences designed to bring you into integrity with your fundamental soul blueprint .

These 90 to 120-minute long sessions involve a combination of many modalities. Soul Sessions typically include an astrological download, one hour of shamanic cleaning and healing, guided meditation, energy work, visualization, energetic empowerment, followed by any beneficial guidance received during the transmission. Guidance can relate to diet, movement, mindfulness practices, affirmations, or whatever is best suited to empower your conscious ensoulment.

It is recommended that all first time Soul Sessions book for 2 Hours.

Please do not consume alcohol, drugs, harsh substances, or violence for at least 36 hours before our booking.

Soul Sessions
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Soul Architecture

Soul architecture is for individuals who are ready to step into self-sovereignty and claim responsibility over their legacy. This system unfolds in 7 sessions over the course of 7 months, with intermittent check ins.

Each session is designed to facilitate identification and deprogramming of limiting belief systems, offer profound holistic healing, establish deeper soul recognition, provide pathways to integrated transformation and empowerment, and initiate lucid living.

Inspired by the 7 Gates fundamental to many Sacred Traditions, in our sessions we explore your relationship to expression with each aspect of the human experience on an elemental level. You are given tools to examine and excavate underlying patterns manifesting in your life. With an unwavering commitment to your soul’s growth and its all encompassing awareness, Soul Architecture is designed to help you remember yourself as the sole architect of your reality.

Similar to the Soul Sessions, Soul Architecture pulls from the various wisdom traditions, research, channeling, initiation, apprenticeship, and wisdom garnered over lifetimes.

Soul Architecture
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Sound Meditation

Sound has been used as an instrument for meditation, healing, and relaxation across all cultures since time immemorial. Through sound, songs are utilized to bring the mind, body, and soul into deep states of alignment and clarity. 

My Sound Baths combine simple breath work and meditation, possibly singing and toning, vocal transmissions, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Flutes, Gongs, Strings, Rattles, Drum, Chimes, depending on individual or group intention for coming to the Sound Meditation.  

To book Private Sound Healing Meditations, Corporate Sound Meditation, Sound Blessings, and Sound Healing Ceremonies, please email me

I am available for Bridal and Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthdays, and other special events.


true culture is the one that unites society with nature and human nature with the cosmos.
— Maestro Domingo Dias Porta

Sacred Space

Everything in life is Sacred. Consecration is an action we take to come into true understanding with this aspect of reality. Whether you consecrate your home, your office, yourself, your family, or a right of passage, this is a simple way to integrate deeper levels and higher expressions of life.

House blessings and clearings, space blessings, and custom altars are ways to create and declare sacred space. These energetic containers are foundational to a prayerful life, the expansion of consciousness, and reawakening ancestral memory.

For a Sacred Space Blessing in your home or office, please fill out the form upon booking below and I will be in touch shortly.