"Sky Teachings was the medicine I didn’t know I needed. Nicole carefully curated a dream experience where I was able to rest, reflect and move my body and emerge feeling refreshed and ready to dive into personal projects with a new perspective. One of my favorite parts of the week was the Mayan ceremonies (activities?). The clay ceremony and temazcal were both new experiences for me and such a treat. Nicole had organized a local guide to share his deep knowledge on Mayan ritual and tradition for us which made the experience personal and infinitely more meaningful than the standard tourist packages offered. If you are seeking off the beaten path, authentic experiences you will be so thrilled to join this group, especially when you visit spectacular hidden cenotes that are not usually open to the public. As for the setting, the accommodation at Shambala in Tulum is as idyllic as it comes. The gorgeous casitas are organized around a central swing and walkway to the beach. The breezy yoga studio looks out onto the water and palms, just steps to the white sand after a morning practice. The hosts at Shambala serve nourishing balanced meals that will keep you dreaming of recreating it in your own kitchen when you return from the week. Overall, I cannot recommend the Sky Teachings enough and the benefits it brought beyond the week. If you are considering going, make the step and be grateful for the special gifts you’re about to receive. Nicole is a natural leader who reads into the energy of the group and ensures everyone’s needs are exceeded. I trust Nicole like no other to craft an unforgettable experience. She is a master at assembling groups of people - strangers that soon become treasured friends. Beyond creating transformative group experiences, Nicole offers a bounty of wisdom, guidance and healing in each interaction...Throughout Sky Teachings I was able to fully surrender in my own retreat, knowing Nicole is there to offer gentle direction and love.

- Bryony Cole, Future of Sex


I became interested in Nicole's unique work while following her on social media and seeing her popularity amongst business, scientific and holistic communities.

Coming from a very Cartesian, corporate, and high technology world I didn’t know what to expect but was very intrigued.

Employing a very powerful methodology, she guided me through several high stress points and I found a neutral, peaceful resonance for it to dissipate to a place of inner peace.

Her incredible energy and high vibratory methods was very beneficial in assisting me in recognizing key blockages. Her intuition to guide me to finding these blockages and talent to teach me how to release them was quite impressive. The entire experience that Nicole provided tools to open myself up more and was very healing.

Nicole is of the highest professional standard and adapts her talent and gift to the level of the client to maximize. I was so very impressed with Nicole’s effectiveness and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wishing to increase their energy, clarity and understanding by centering on self.

-Earle Hall, The Science of Happiness TEDx


I have never believed in Reiki. I’ve had a few sessions here and there and have rarely experience results (except with Mary Ann Fasolino, she is so lovely). Allison Rapson told me to have a session with our friend Nicole Adriana Casanova and I, of course, resisted. I’ve tried a lot of different energy works: Reiki, Theta Healing, hypnosis, healing sessions with “shamans”. I walked away many times feeling let down. I finally decided to have a session with Nicole because she is the most beautiful and otherworldly creature I have met and I wanted to learn a thing or two from her. I went to her apartment for a session, which is absolutely gorgeous. I left there a different person. My face looked completely different after the session. During our session I felt heat in different part of my body as if she was holding burning sage next to that body part. Every time, I open my eyes and she wasn’t there. I was freaking OUT. I had pain shooting out of body parts that I have been experiencing chronic injuries for years. I left there feeling more feminine than I ever have in my life and it’s still resonating today. Nicole is highly intuitive and an incredible healer. If you’re looking to experience a massive shift, I highly, highly recommend booking a session with her. She is pure magic.

-Desiree Pais, Benshen

Nicole is pure love. She sees the beauty of the world unlike most do, and brings you into her space of mysticism and magic. Nicole has guided me on the inner quest, helping me see parts of myself that I hadn't yet been able to access. For those who feel the call to go deeper, to connect with the mysteries within, look no further than Nicole. You're in the right place.

-Amber Rae,