I am deeply guided by magic


Let me explain. 


My whole life I have been in a state of rapture with the natural world. It has always felt so sacred to me, so dynamic, and so alive. Almost like it was in some sort of enchanted communication with itself... I wanted in on the conversation. I longed to know how it was possible this planet and its wildlife was so ineffably beautiful. To understand the secrets as to how things seemed to mimic each other in all parts of creation or how we were provided through natural law with everything we could possibly need to subsist and thrive. And not just humans either, all of life- the flora, the fauna, the animal people, the elements. How magical, I've always thought. Who designed it, who is the sublime architect of this experience and how can I come into communion with this numinous energy? 

But the magic seemed fleeting. Or at least my ability to observe it was not yet enduring. Even as a youth I would take as many chances as I got to put myself in conversation with my wonder, it always felt like a gateway to me. During 1am road trips with my family, I would stay awake to keep my dad company. And while my mom and brothers slept, I would crawl into the back of our station wagon and lay supine while placing my feet on the window and imagining I was walking though the sky. 

It was always in these moments of star walking that I felt the most in touch with the curious fingerprint of creation. Almost as though its invisible hand was reaching out with a gentle poke to remember. 

I have now dedicated the majority of my life to remembering what it is to be one with magic. And what happened inadvertently was a great deal of healing around separation. What I mean is that the joy I felt when witnessing the divine was by all means an externalized and externalizing experience. Magic and its intensely perfected beauty was somehow something occurring outside of me- something I was not part of. Essentially this healing was an integration, like bringing that sense of connection I felt whilst sky walking down to earth, into my body, my day to day experience... and then keeping it there. And then sharing it. And then becoming a conscious witness to myself with the same sense of reverence as I had for the creation. Because I am the creation (and you are the creation). 

This process of reconciliation has brought me to so many beautiful teachers and paths. I've been very fortunate to study the ways of many great wisdom keepers and I am so humbled for this life. It's remarkable and unending. 

A big part of my journey is to continue learning; to challenge everything I have studied until it either crystallizes, clarifies, or disintegrates. This is what I bring to my work with people: honesty, healing, forgiving, reflection, release, stewardship, lucidity, and practices that eradicate separation and encourage unity on all levels. As an active participant in magic, I am an agent for reconnection to your pureSelf- the essence of magic. This happens through exploration and journeying through the heart, awakening you to a deep and startlingly truthful conversation you learn to maintain with yourself. I see your light and in every way I know how, I reflect it to you in such a way that you can also see how magic dwells inside of you. And if I am ever at a loss, not to worry, I have a powerful community- a family of light. We are going to get you where you need to go so you come into your own true power. Then we'll look at how you are responsible for it, and how your self intimacy relationship and communion become ground zero for your purpose to emerge and for you to come into service. 

We grow in light together. Thats the way light works. It's my work. It works based on your level of commitment to your legacy and our shared human legacy. It's beautiful and I am so grateful to be here on this magnetic planet in this magical time of radiant remembrance. 

May we come to wakefulness peacefully and may we always do good,