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Online Full Moon Ho'oponopono Ceremony

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Forgiveness is an alchemical process. It requires a clear mind and the fire of will to illuminate our emotional waters. Even then, as transmutation occurs through the layers of the body: mental, emotional, energetic, physical, subtle, etc... it's like a garden we must tend to keep the weeds out and flowers blooming. 

In these rapidly changing and challenging times, we are confronted with circumstances that require acceptance and forgiveness in order to stay balanced. Traumatic events trigger traumatic memories and until these situations are exorcised, we often unconsciously live out our woundedness- leaving the marks of unexplored grief all over our lives. 

Lack of forgiveness can manifest in a myriad ways: Inability to focus, lack of discipline, lethargy, weight gain, auto immune disease, obsessive overachieving, and intimacy issues to name a few. But true forgiveness and freedom IS possible and there are wildly beautiful ways to let it happen.

By forgiving, we offer the world a phenomenal testimony on the ineffable power of the human heart. 

Join me for an evening of meditation, magic, and deeply witnessing each other.

Bring your anger, grief, your pain, but most importantly, your love. 

This seminar will focus on Radical Forgiveness for personal, collective, and planetary healing.

Hosted by Nicole Adriana Casanova

exchange: $33.00