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Before the Witch: The Rise of Magic


What are the true origins of magic? What came before the observer, before the witch, before the word? It is said that the first initiation into the Ancient Mysteries of the High Priestess Isis was wheat. This came at a time when the children of men still remembered what they were and where they came from, where the connection to the world of spirit, alchemy, healing, and the great science, was far more prevalent than the whisper that the collective is only really beginning to hear now.

Wheat. Sacred Medicine to many nations and wisdom traditions. But why? Why would a Goddess teach her initiates about wheat? And why was that the first initiation?

The natural world holds many secrets. True knowledge for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. In some traditions, Mother Earth is known as the Aeon Gaia. Sophia - the wise one- in others. A wise woman cloaked as a planet, spreading her magic through plants, minerals, metals, animals, and people. The kingdoms that bow before the Goddess. Soul of Souls. Anima Mundi.

Please arrive by 7:45pm to enjoy a third eye potion provided by Anima Mundi Apothecary, using special herbal allies such as Blue Lotus and Bobinsana to open the intuitive gateways. 

Wednesday, October 17th


doors at 8pm

event begins at 8:15pm