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All Hallow's Eve | Sacred Rebirthing Ceremony


All Hallow's Eve is called by many names in different cultures, but an idea appears through most of them- the idea that at this moment, the "Veil" between our world and the Otherworld is at its thinnest. 

It was a time where ancient people gathered around a fire to make peace offerings to the spirits on the other side of the veil... a time of releasing and coming to terms with the unknown. 

Join me for an enchanted evening this Halloween. I will share the astrology and mythology behind this holiday. I will lead you through a ritual and fire and death ceremony for deep release (offerings to your future Self), we will engage in sacred conversation, and I will offer some sacred songs to empower your healing, releasing, activation, remembering, and rebirthing. 

Location disclosed upon registration. 

Alchemical Plant Elixir included. 

Exchange: $33

* If you aren't able to offer a financial contribution at this time, please email me directly to reserve. Please be prepared to share a gift, an exchange of flowers, a plant, some fruit, tea to share... whatever feels truthful in your heart. 

Space is limited


Please do not consume any alcohol or harsh substances at least 48 hours in advance! 

Earlier Event: September 27
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