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Medicine Keepers

  • Maharose 95 Green Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

The word Medicine originated in 12th century France, and although it was sometimes used to refer to medical treatment, it was most commonly associated with a spiritual context and the Healing Arts: cures, potions, and remedies. Our predecessors understood that the root of all disEASE was fundamentally energetic, so ailments were addressed from many angles. Including art. 

It is my fundamental belief that we are all healers and keepers of medicine, you can read more about how I arrived at this conclusion in my recent article for The Numinous. 

Join me for an evening of divination, medicine keeping, and meditation. With card readings from the Love Letters to Earth Oracle Deck, sacred sharing and conversation on what being a medicine carrier means to you, and a meditation curated to help us recognize and honor the medicine in all things. 

Please bring your favorite reading from a Sacred Book or text, a poem you have written or one that fills you with a sense of the Divine, a song that sets your heart alight, your instrument to share some healing music with the group, or an artwork- yours or otherwise- that was created with the intention to heal or has a healing effect. Depending on the size of the group, each person will be given between 2-4 minutes to share their medicine. 

Exchange: $40