the book of light.

Idle distraction is an instrument for the darkness. To be overcome by the shadow of darkness, we must first become seduced by its manifold distractions and that's precisely where many of us get caught.

Distraction isn't the issue, but the medium. The job of the medium is to expose a message or understanding that would otherwise stay obscured to the world. As such we can use the medium as a neutral force. What is the distraction pointing to in ourselves, society, the world? Why did we follow it, where did it lead us, how deep did we go, whose voice was resounding behind it?

Gather information. Use scientific method. Scrutinize everything. 

All of these details inform us about the opponent. The opponent likes to stay hidden, so it uses distraction to knock us off its trail. Sometimes the distraction is overwhelming. The objective of the opponent is multi faceted, but its primary focus is to get us to believe that the darkness is real**.

We're all more or less smart here so we do know that the darkness is real. The question then becomes this: why is the darkness trying so hard to convince us of itself?  

Herein lies the vulnerability. It is exposed by objective exploration of the distraction: why is the darkness so biting right now with Syria, Standing Rock, Pedophilia, The US Presidency, Rape Culture, WikiLeaks, Famine, Poverty, Police Brutality?

What is the darkness trying so desperately to cover up with every last inch of its shadowy cloak?

If the darkness is real, so too is the light. But here's the thing: the light is getting stronger. 

True light never seeks to convince us of what it is, it just is... its radiance is blinding, binding, and exalting at once. It has a way of elevating us the moment we witness and connect with it. The light doesn't deny the darkness exists, but by its nature it shines into itself and everything around it. The light adds a depth of field to anything it touches.

This is one of the few ways the darkness and the light behave similarly. Momentum is gathered based on participation. 

We are wading through the detritus of conflicting ideologies. In the age of disclosure and disinformation, we must proceed wakefully, and with discernment -- and responsibility -- as to what we are coding into existence. For every f**ked up thing that's happening in this moment, look at the marvelousness of the human spirit... 

This is one of the many ways the light and the darkness behave differently, the light burns through the darkness as a guide, a star map, a constellation. It ignites our remembrance of everything that once was and will be again. It is a sky teaching on how to endure and radiate in darkness. 

I write this as a way to keep myself accountable to the present and future I truly dream to see us all flourish in.

It is one thing is to process the grief of what has happened, but another altogether to be held captive by its shadow. A desperate cloak that wishes solely to convince you that nothing you do for love matters because the nightmare of its distractions are supplanted so vehemently the dream. 

Look deeper. The edges are cracking. The lotus blossoms. The human heart is healing. The human mind is clearing. The wisdom of the earth is returning to us. Let this be your guide and your distraction. 

The book of light is being written. Sing your psalms into the world. We are rising. 



**When i refer to the darkness here I am not referring to the night sky, the yin energy or what it represents, the lower three chakras, the feminine, or baser human nature (though if unattended to will pull you to the darkness) but rather chaos, the vanity of staying undone, unhealthy, unactivated, and disempowered. I am referring to the energy of destruction for the sake of destruction.